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Life is an opportunity

Life is an opportunity


Millions of people have come and gone but nobody remembers them. Only a few persons like Vyas, Shankarachary,Vivekanand, Christ or Buddha are still remembered. They used their talents for the welfare of mankind. That is why messages of the Gita, Bible   or for that matter any religious scriptures are so much pertinent even today. They teach us the values of life.They gove us message of universal love.They inculcate is us the sense of sacrifice.They make us feel that the entire world is a family.In fact,the modern science has made this quite possible.

The entire universe consisting of millions of galaxies, planets and stars are running constantly without any break even for a moment. There movement is so scientific and calculated that even a slight variation here and there can bring about  a catastrophe. We often hear news of unidentified objects moving very close to the earth with huge speed. If such objects collide with the Earth, everything on and around it may vanish within moments. The question is :Who is protecting us from such things? Who is behind the movements of the entire universe?

The entire process of the universe is automatic. The Sun rises and sets down at the right moment. The stars move in their designated path with a set speed in appropriate directions so that there is no collision. Thus millions of planets and stars are co-existing in this never ending space in the universe. But unfortunately, we keep on fighting for every inch of the land on the earth like a child. We proudly say-“Ït is mine.” There can not be greater surprise than this attitude which everybody keeps afloat till he is forced to leave the world one day. Everything dear and near to him is left out here itself. Nobody howsoever strong and mighty could carry anything. This is the reality of life which we prefer to forget. But that does not help us in anyway. What is correct is correct. Merely because we chose to keep our eyes shut from the truth, the facts would hardly change. It is, therefore, wisdom that we realise our limitations and follow  the right path during our journey of life. If this happens, we can not only improve our lives and add beauty to it rather  a lot of welfare can be done to humanity at large.

We do not know where did we come from. We also do not know whether we will still exist in one form or the other after death. It is a fact that those who have come to this world will go today or tomorrow.That brings about the end of our physical existence. but our good deeds would servive even after death and may often make us immortals.  We must remember that we have come to this world to do something for the welfare and well-being of mankind. We do have an opportunity to do something remarkable during our life time. We should and must make the best of it and focus our entire energy in that direction.

People are suffering in this world not because there is shortage of essential things but mainly because we have adopted totally wrong attitude towards the things around us. We think only in terms of our personal gains.  The world has come to the impasse because of this. We have to understand the things around and keep our eyes open to the realities of life. We are not getting fair deal anywhere .The teacher does not teach well, the doctor is not treating his patient properly, the Police is unable to provide protection to the common people. This is happening because everybody has become too much selfish and self-centered. We want to benefit the most without caring for others . This creates a vicious circle and  we are the ultimate sufferers. We may have money but we can not buy pure milk or oil. These things might be adulterated because someone might have desired to have enough profit, may be at the cost of others. Even lifesaving drugs are spurious . The net result is that we are forced to live under constant fear and uncertainty despite having acquired high position   and enormous wealth.

Lot of our energy is often lost in negativities. We spoil lot of time thinking about the past. We keep on worrying about the future. We are all the time busy in comparing with others. Why our thought process   drives us to such things. Why can  not we be broadminded and concentrate upon our targets instead of criticizing others. This happens because we are unable to understand the message that God gives us in one or the other way. Life is not all about material achievements. We have come to this world just like travelers and we will certainly go one day. Nothing came with us nor will anything accompany us when we leave the world. In between, we have to act or react to the things around according to our abilities and that makes the difference. It is immaterial how long we live. What matters most is the way we live. Are we doing best with the abilities that God have given us? Are we really helping others to the extent we can?

We can bring about happiness in the lives of others by developing a sense  of oneness .But it can be done only through honesty. But it is part of one`s personality and can not be bought. It can be developed in the company of good people, by studying life histories of great men. We have to develop strength of character. Adi Shankaracharya or Swami Vivekanand lived very short and died early but they are remembered by everybody. They used their lives for the welfare of humanity and became immortals. That should be the target. We must understand futility of material gains, howsoever big it may look like. It ultimately fades away in course of time. It does not give lasting peace of mind. On the other hand, persons with a sense of sacrifice make a lot of difference. Only such persons leave indelible marks on the footprints of time.


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Life is an opportunity

Life is an opportunity   Millions of people have come and gone but nobody remembers them. Only a few persons like Vyas, Shankarachary,Vi...