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Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

"The very best proof that something can be done is that others have already done it."- Bertrand Russell, the English philosopher

             The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) had invited applications for allotment of flat under the housing scheme. The last date for submitting application was nearing.

One of my friends asked: “Whether I had applied under the scheme?”

I replied:“I had already applied earlier on two or three occasions. But I could not succeed. I am, therefore, not applying this time.”
My friend asked: “? If you do not apply, you stand absolutely no chance. Are you not rejecting yourself at the outset by not applying”?
His advice worked upon me. I thought for a moment and went running to the local bank and completed the formalities same day. Thus, I was one of the applicants. I was really surprised to find my name among the successful candidates when the result of the draw was announced after four months. Had I not listened to the positive advice of a friend, I would have lost the chance.
This world is nothing but reflection of our own thoughts. Whatever we think, we ultimately achieve. If we think we can do it, we will most probably do it. Sustained efforts with hope always brings positive results.It is not that one would be crowned with success overnight. Nothing in this world has been achieved that way. Success essentially needs lot of planning and single-minded devotion to achieve the desired goal.
Life is what we make it. We see many persons with huge achievements to their credit. How does it happen? The hours of a day are the same for everybody. But persons with positive thinking are able to make the best use of their resources and rise to unimaginable heights. On the other hand, many persons remain engrossed in negativities and indulge too much in revenge, hatred and envy. Such people hardly succeed. 
We should always live with positive minded persons because views expressed by them will inspire us to do good things. On the other hand, if we have friendship with negative thinking persons, they are bound to infect us with negativities which only add to the disappointments, failures. 
There is no dearth of people who may try to find faults with you. They may discourage you from acting citing difficulties in the way. We may gain or lose but we must try in the right direction as remaining idle may not lead anywhere. Persons who only think about possible difficulties and do not attempt to achieve are ultimately losers. We should not follow the path of self-rejection. We must respect our selves. Only then others can respect us.
Negativity in our thought process is the bye product of fear. We remain afraid of things which mostly do not exist and create multiple problems in that way. In fact, fear and negative thinking are interlinked. Immediately after starting new assignment, we start thinking about the result. We are surrounded by the negative ideas. 
Nothing is difficult or easy. It is our attitude which makes the difference. If we already have developed negative ideas about something, we are bound to test failures. People who have achieved were dreamers. They aspired, tried and succeeded. But people who do not even try and keep thinking about the possible difficulties are bound to fail. We must think, we can do it. In that case we start feeling positively right from the very beginning and we are able to achieve the desired goal ultimately. If we are positive in our approach, we shall be able to solve most of the problems easily. 
Most of the time we keep worrying about the reaction of others. What would others say. If I fail in my efforts, others will laugh. Let us not share things with others otherwise they would make mockery of us. Such things germinate from the negative mind. But neither friend nor any acquaintance ever remain with us. It is just time factor. So, we should protect our life and dignity without caring much about impressions of others. Time changes very fast. After ten or fifteen years hardly, any of our old friends stay with us. We are confronted with entirely new environment. We have new set of friends and colleagues who judge us on our present-day achievements. Nobody is going to ask as to what we were doing ten or fifteen years ago.
Today someone may be supporting you. Tomorrow he would be the first person to negate it. So, what is important is our own ability to master our own mind and its activities rather than to keep worrying about baseless reactions of others. We should, therefore, do whatever is within our means and stop thinking about the views of others which often are biased or based on immature understanding of life.
Many young students face similar problems in their careers. They keep thinking about the possible difficulties which they may have to encounter on the way. Most of the time they stop making efforts when they are very close to the success. But then they stop and fail to get the desired goal. However, persons with perseverance and patience have greater chance of winning the race.
The life is a continuous process of growth. We were born totally helpless. We were dependent upon our parents even for small things. We have grown inch by inch from that state. It could be possible because of positive thinking of our nears and dears. We got education and high position in the society. We are in a much better situation to achieve our targets because of physical and mental strength acquired by us. 
Strong will power leads to victory in life. If we apply our entire energy in the direction of our proposed goal, we are bound to succeed. Every success has a history of struggle behind it. People see only the bright side of the history. They do not bother to know about the efforts made to reach up to that point.
Much of our problems can be resolved, if we believe in ourselves. We can change our destiny altogether. We can certainly strengthen ourselves so as to face the ups and downs of life. There is no point in repenting the past or bargaining with the future. If we are determined and keep trying in the right direction, we are sure to achieve. It often happens that we get tired when our target is very close. Persons with strong will power and determination ultimately success.
“When by my solitary hearth I sit,
And hateful thoughts enwrap my soul in gloom;
When no fair dreams before my 'mind's eye' flit,
And the bare heath of life presents no bloom;
Sweet Hope, ethereal balm upon me shed,
And wave thy silver pinions o'er my head!”

John Keats

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