सोमवार, 22 दिसंबर 2014

religious conversation is only a fall out of multiple factors

  • There has been lot of hue and cry over the issue of religious conversion. It is a fact well admitted that the Hindus were converted to other religions under pressure/temptation. Our country was ruled by foreign powers for a very long time. They tried and succeeded to some extent to thrust their religion on our people. This situation prevailed for a very long time with the result that a vast population of our country got converted under pressure/threat and temptation.
  • However, it is important to think as to why we remained under foreign powers for such a long time? Why we could not through them out ?We must find answers to this question ?Then only we can save our country from facing similar situation in future. India was divided in very small units and each unit was like an independent nation. They used to fight with each other for  small things  and invited even foreigners to destroy their neighbours.
  • Has this situation changed now? The answer is big NO. We continue to fight with each other for small things. We do not have a united voice even on national issues. We need to think a lot over our day to day activities.
  • The religious conversation is only a fall out of multiple factors social, economical and political. The Hindu society has greater danger from its own weaknesses than anything else. Why cannot we care for our poor fellows so that  they do not fall prey to small temptations .It is more important to undertake positive actions for improving the pathetic situation of the poor People .If this happens ,there will be little scope of conversions in the future.

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