मंगलवार, 8 जुलाई 2014

pl improve railway ticket booking system..................

Railway budget has come.Opposition parties are making unnecessary hue and cry.Railways are in shambles and need complete overhauling.The opposition leaders who have hitherto been ruling railways have spoiled the whole railways specially the ticket booking system.When people are willing to purchase tickets directly from the railways or IRCTC where is the justification for having agents for booking tickets.Internet and mobiles are available everywhere and the travelers can book tickets directly from railways/irctc.There is horrible bungling in booking TATKAL tickets ONLINE.The relevant webpage opens and logsin only when  the tickets get waitlisted and touts sell them for anything.Some efforts were made earlier also to improve the system but these are not delivering the desired result.

Let the new Railway Minister have a freehand in checking such loopholes in the railway functioning.
Image of the Railways can be improved though the single act of checking malpractices in the railway ticket booking by bringing more transparent and efficient ONLINE ticket booking  system.The Rail Minister has announced booking of rail tickets though Post Offices. This will certainly help but much more remains to be done in the matter on priority basis.

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