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Are you sad?

Are you sad?

We keep working throughout to gain happiness. Despite our best efforts, that does not always happen. Even if we succeed in achieving our targets, it cannot provide lasting happiness. We need more than what we have already achieved as we notice that some persons have already achieved much more.We are sometimes confronted with adverse situations. We   keep trying for the best things to happen but the result may be exactly opposite. Naturally, such situations drive us to despondency. We feel lost. Sometimes, we fail to gauge the seriousness of problems confronting us. These miscalculations result in failures. We don’t achieve as per our expectations. We feel sad   in such moments.  But giving undue importance to such happenings of life does not help in any way.

 What to do in that situation? We should stop hankering for more and more. We have to find ways and means to remain satisfied with our achievements. Birds, animals. trees and for that matter the entire nature never complains to anybody, never asks for anything from anybody and remain self-satisfied. We must learn from these wonderful creations of God.

Life gives us adequate opportunities. But we attach undue importance to certain developments which, in fact, becomes a liability for our happy living. There are moments of crisis in everybody`s life. It needs to be handled properly. It needs to be faced boldly. Many people die daily but we are worried only when someone close to us dies. So, it is not death as such but the death of a particular person which troubles us.

. We should, therefore, accept the realities of life and take appropriate and timely decisions. Merely postponing decisions only complicates things Right decision at the right moment makes lot of difference. Lord Krishna helped Arjun to take the right decisions at the crucial moments in the Mahabharat battle and Arjun won the battle. So, let us decide with due alacrity and without ambiguity. If a situation is unavoidable, let us accept it gracefully. If we learn to act promptly, we can feel lesser burdened and may have sound sleep in the night.

We often get bored by doing same things again and again. . It is desirable that we do not get lost in daily routine. That will make our life more interesting. It is why the employers give weekly off or holiday. Purpose of such occasions is to engage ourselves in new pursuits., to develop new interests and spend time different from the daily routine. This enables us to refresh and to regain energy

One of the essential requirements to keep happiness is to forget and forgive. We can not expect everybody to act as per our likings. Sometimes someone may heart me. Sometimes, I may incur loss due to negligence of others. Some staff in the office may not be cooperative and may not be performing well. If we keep on correcting everybody, we can land ourselves in big trouble. A lot of our mental energy would get spoilt in monitoring such things. We should forgive such persons and pray to God for bringing peace and prosperity to all. It will definitely help us to live in peace and harmony with others.

Life is not a business and man is not a money minting machine. There are people who always keep calculating in terms of loss and profit which they would make out of everything they are doing but that does not give solace. Ultimately, they land up in great disappointments. The journey of life does not end at money minting machines. Many wealthy persons ultimately leave their assets here itself and leave this world alone. We must understand this. We must have wealth enough to meet our daily requirements so that we are not required to ask her others for that. Beyond that, wealth has meaning only if it is utilized in the welfare of human being. That alone can give mental peace.

Sometimes change of job makes lot of difference with our attitude. We often get tired doing same thing again and again. We have little choice in doing things of our choice at our workplace because we are dutybound to follow the instructions of our boss and to give output as per set guidelines but this can not be the things when we are out of workplace. We can set our own agenda and follow our own choice in our private matters. In that situation, we should give due importance to live a happy life and should set aside things which adds to mental tension.

When we feel sad and lost in the events of life which are mostly stories of the days lost, it is better to get engaged in something different. We may talk to our friends who might have now settled in a distant town or may start listening an old music which we had liked in our prime of youth or may go to see a movie. Because keeping engaged in thinking over the situations beyond our control does not help in anyway. We must make best of the time left with us. What is lost is lost. Let us switch to old music and see cinemas of our choice whenever we feel lonely and lost in things beyond our reach. Life can be music provided we develop positive thinking and accept things as it unfolds. Let us take it easy and enjoy!

We feel quite strong the moment we feel connected to almighty. Our sense of loneliness is derived mainly from lack of faith in God. It is not important whether we worship Him in one form or the other but we must keep contact with him. That alone can give us strength to remain calm in the midst of difficulties of life and bring about ultimate happiness.

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