शनिवार, 28 जुलाई 2018


These days people are overstressed. They just need a small jerk and you are finished. The reason is that most of the people are already over exhausted. They have crossed their limit of tolerance. It is not that the particular incident was responsible for the horrible incident. Thus, we are passing through a very difficult phase. You may not be at fault or the fault may be quite small compared to the harm done by others under overreaction. The question is: How to face the situation? Unless we adopt a middle path and try to reconcile with the situation, things are bound to get complicated. 
Every day we see such conflicts. People attach too much importance to their own views and often try to impose it upon others because of the wrong notion that they are the wisest and the views expressed by them should be accepted by all. Many times, we find people quarrelling over small things. Sometimes it also results in murders. Like me others too have their own ego problem. 
Overinfluenced by our own ego, we often become unreasonable and undertake one-sided view of things which results in further complicates the situation. We stick to our own views and do not listen to others. In that situation   even enlightened and educated persons fail to resolve the small issues.
Some people are too much ego-centric. They can go to any extent to settle their ego requirements. Such persons are not fit to adjust in the society and often create unwanted problems. People with high dose of ego often tend to be dictatorial and hardly try to accommodate. They therefore, always find fault with others and most of the time keep criticizing   the people who come in contact. Ego- centric persons are so much engrossed with their own views that they do not mind even harming themselves if that satisfies their ego. So, we must be careful in handling such persons.
Ego is a common problem for everybody. Not even Gods are said to be an exception. In Mahabharat, there is a famous story that once Bhim was going through a forest. A monkey was lying in his way. He requested the monkey to move out but it did not buzz. He requested again and again and then became angry. The monkey said sarcastically- “You are so brave, having won the battle of Mahabharata. Why do not you remove me and go ahead? “That made Bhim quite angry. He shouted back at the monkey and started removing his tail forcefully but he could not move the tail even an inch. Then Bhim realized that it could be none but Hanumanji and just fell on his feet. Then Hanumanji came in his real form and told him that he had done the whole thing just to make him understand the reality and get out of his false ego that he had won the battle of Mahabharat. He further clarified that he was present atop his flag throughout the battle of Mahabharat otherwise he would have been thrown out of the battle field like anything.
Everybody has his own ego. It is neither desirable nor possible to get rid of ego altogether. Ego becomes problem when we do not consider ego of others and in that process heart them. Hurting a person even unwillingly does not help us in any way because once hurt, the man becomes beyond our reach. We lose chance to settle an issue amicably. We must, therefore, be cautious while dealing with the situation which we confront in day to day life. If we agree to appreciate the fact that others too are human being and have weaknesses as we have, things become much easier to resolve.

Many people keep fighting for nothing or for something very small. A friend of mine who is an Advocate told me that one of his client was having dispute with his own brother over some ancestral property the net value of which was not more than seven lacs. Both the brothers were having claim over the same property and no one was willing to budge an inch. The advocate told me that one of the two brothers who was his client had already given him about eight lacs as fee and he might be required to pay more as the matter was still pending in the court. Such is the predicament of the situation that we keep fighting without even bothering about the benefit that could eventually come out of that.
We remain involved with our oneself throughout. If we develop sense of ownness with others and are concerned with the well-being of our nears and dears, we can live in greater harmony with the things around and attain peace of mind which has been elusive so far because it cannot be gained through worldly achievements. Ego is the greatest obstacle in the way. We must get out of it and enjoy the bliss of life.

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