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The blind man

The blind man

God is great! When he takes something, he supplements it differently. It was applicable in my case as well.

My parents were ordinary persons. I was their lone child. I was born blind. So, they were quite worried about my future.

My parents had heard about a school where teachers adopted special methods to teach and train the especially abled children.  They admitted me to that school.

 I try to recognize things and persons around from their voices. Although I could not see, I learnt very fast. I used to solve mathematical problems within seconds. I could recollect things instantly. I started performing well. I became very popular in the school. Nevertheless, I had to face a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless, I kept trying and did not stop even if it meant a tough life.                        

I was regular at my school. I developed friendship with some of the fellow students with the passage of time. Rani and Hemu both became my close friends. Rani belonged to a very rich family. Her parents used to send lot of gifts for her. But Hemu was poor. He did not have even good clothes. But he had many virtues. He was very polite. He was a very good singer. But he could not walk freely as due to problem in his right leg. His family could not provide for the timely medical treatment. They had heard of the government schemes for the handicapped children and had also met the authorities for financial help, but it could not work out .The funds provided for the welfare of such children were mostly syphoned off by the middlemen in connivance with the school authorities.

Hemu often helped me and Rani. We used to catch his hands and move here and there in the school premises after the school classes were over. Our friendship grew with time. We were often invited to visit the house of Rani. They were very influential persons and would take lot of care for their blind daughter Rani. I used to think a lot about her. She had everything, but God did not give him eyes so that she could have enjoyed things around. She was dependent on others even for small things. However, she would not loose heart and would always keep happy. Her simple and pleasant nature impressed everybody.

Our friendship helped all the three. Sometimes Rani would request her parents to visit my place. They would immediately comply. Her parents were rich and influential persons and their visit to my home gave enough strength to our parents. Sometimes we shall go to the house of Hemu and chit chat with him.

One day while we were walking around the school playground, Hemu sustained injuries in his right leg. Already he had problem in this leg. This compounded his difficulties further. His parents were informed. Our parents, too, came running We, too, had sustained minor injuries mainly because we could not see while falling on the ground and in that process collided with a nearby stone pillar.

Parents of Rani were kind and religious persons. They were moved to see the poor condition of Hemu They employed his father in his Company and also helped Hemu in getting proper medical treatment. His right leg was operated upon. This was followed by a month-long physiotherapy. His condition improved considerably in a couple of months. Gradually he started walking on his own.

Once the condition of Hemu improved he joined higher classes in a nearby college. However, he remained in touch with us telephonically. He would also visit our school time to time.

One day I was sitting alone on the lawns of our school. A saint came. He was a very knowledgeable person. He saw me sitting alone and was very much impressed at the first sight.

I had developed great understanding of my inner self. I used to meditate for hours together. I had sweet voice. Many people used to standby to listen to my melodious songs. It gave me lot of solace .Whenever I used to sing, Rani would sit by my side. Sometimes she would also sing along with me.

The saint was very much impressed by both of us. He wanted to take both of us along but the parents of Rani did not agree. However, I agreed to follow him. My parents, too, allowed me to go along with him. They thought that the saint could bring happiness in my life.

My life changed totally in company of the saint who was fondly called Guruji. I, too, started calling him Guruji. He would never lose his cool. He often used to say that difficulties of life are just blessings of God as these offer      a great opportunity to introspect and develop spiritually. We often forget the real purpose of life in prosperity. So, we should not loose heart and always think about the positive aspect of life.

Guruji taught me to remain happy always. He taught me to live for others.

He insisted for purity of thoughts. In that context he would often quote

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so, take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.’”

I used to learn a lot along with other fellow disciples of Guruji. I forgot that I was blind as the inmates of the Ashram would always take care of me and would never let me feel even for a moment that I was alone and that I did not have eye.

One day we went to the nearby city. Guruji had organized a camp there. Luckily Rani had come there along with her father. They, too, were impressed by the teachings of Guruji. She insisted to stay with us at the Ashram but her father did not agree. So, she had to return to her home along with his father.

Hemu studied a lot and became a scientist. He got a respectable position in the society. His parents wanted to marry him but he was insisting to marry with Rani with whom he had developed attachment during childhood days. Her parents were initially confused but ultimately agreed. They met with the parents of Hemu with the marriage proposal. They at once agreed as Hemu had already told them about his choice. The marriage was held with lot of fanfare. The newlywed couple left for their new home.

I was now all alone. One day while I was sitting at the roof top of the Ashram, there was repeated announcement to vacate Ashram premises. Soon thereafter the bulldozers arrived and the building was razed to the ground within hours. We were about 100 inmates, all blind sitting here and there without any support. Guruji was out of town. He heard about the incident and came running. By the time he arrived, everything was over. He could not do anything.

I was sitting alone on the rabbles of the demolished building. I was too much worried. Soon I heard a voice coming from above: “Do not worry. I am with you. You are better than these persons who have demolished the building and left you    and many others homeless. ’’ 

Soon I left for an unknown destination…….

I was feeling much relieved now. Persons with eyes had no human vision but I had lot of eternal peace. I felt as if I am seeing the real things with the eyes of knowledge given to me by guruji.

There was a music going on the radio:

Man ki aankhe khol re tujhe piya milenge……. 


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