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You can also make it

You can also make it

This world is not meant for weak people. Victory goes to the strong.   If we are not sincere in our attempts, we are bound to suffer. We have to be fair and respectful to ourselves. Then and only then we can secure a respectful position in life. Normally, when we are close to success, we get tired. We start feeling frustrated. We often leave the work halfway. Such things lead to failures. We get lost in negativism and do not make genuine efforts which could have helped us achieve the desired goal.

We have different mental and physical strength. Our nature and habits are different. But we certainly have been gifted with some special qualities by nature. If we are able to understand this and make efforts in accordance with our own nature and interests, we are bound to succeed. Success does not always require high talent or extraordinary merit rather persons with moderate intelligence combined with perseverance and hard work have achieved remarkably well. Special achievements essentially require special efforts. We must keep in this mind. If we have not succeeded in our efforts, we must not blame anybody else for that. We are singularly responsible for our failures. Our efforts must have been weak. It lacked sincerity of purpose as per requirement of the situation.

There is no shortcut to success. Life of successful men essentially suggests this. They worked very hard and spent sleepless nights before achieving something remarkable.  A successful man does not have anything special. He stands like us, has the appearance exactly similar. Then, why so much difference in their achievements? We often see successful persons and start thinking that they are the lucky ones. We must avoid this type of passivism. If we make genuine attempts and are not deflected from our chosen path by temporary setbacks, we are bound to go up.

The only way to achieve is to make genuine efforts in the right direction. There are very few people in this world who get things without making efforts. Even they have to make lot of efforts in order to preserve things that they have so gained. If we make attempts for achieving things which others have already done and work hard as he did, we are bound to succeed. We often see the achievements of successful persons. Every successful man has a series of failures which he had to taste while making an attempt to achieve his target. It is endless efforts which can alone bring success.

We should sit and think a while about our goal in life, find out possible solutions and ways to achieve it. The difficulties that we have to face in the way should also be considered. Thereafter, we should start in the right direction. We should not get upset by ups and downs of life that may come in the way. We should always try to improve our own performance rather than comparing and competing with others. Everybody has its own destiny.it is wisdom to accept that. Let him go his own way. We need not copy anybody. We are original being. We are unique. So, we may have our own way to achieve. If we maintain this independence of mind and do not try to emulate others, we are bound to succeed.

We should perform our duty with single minded devotion without caring for the result. If we do this, we are bound to achieve. We ae bound to succeed. In this connection a small story can be referred to. A person wanted to retire voluntarily from his service. His master was very much socked to hear his decision as he had been very loyal throughout. But he was adamant on his decision. But the master was left with on option. He agreed to his wish to retire with heavy heart but wanted to give him something remarkable as parting gift. So, he asked him to construct one more house before he actually retires. He did this with heavy heart cursing his master that he was so self-centred that he would not allow him to sit peacefully even while he was retiring that too voluntarily. He completed the house and went to the master with request to allow him to go. The master was very sad to lose such a brilliant and dedicated worker. He said so many things in his praise and handed over the key of the house he had constructed last and told him that he could spend his retired life there. Now that man was very repentant. He was sorry to think that he unnecessarily thought ill about his master who was kind to him not only during his service but also after his retirement taken voluntarily that too against his wish.

In order to be among the achievers, we need to develop good company. We must live with positive thinking persons. It gives us additional energy to fight the adverse situations and lead to success amidst difficulties. Let us not forget that success and failures are mostly our own creations. We should not get upset with small failures nor should we be too much elated if we succeed. A balanced approach towards the developments of life combined with sustained efforts made in the right direction can definitely help us to bring about success in our life.

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