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Mind your business

Mind your business

Dronacharya wanted to test his students. He ordered them to pierce the right eye of a bird sitting on the branch of a tree. The disciples of Dronacharya took turns to test their ability. When Bhim came to the front stage, Dronacharya asked him about things he was seeing. Bhim answered, “I am seeing the entire tree, then the branches and the bird moving around, and finally the right eye of the bird. I also see you and many respectable persons sitting around.” Dronacharya laughed aloud. Bhim could not understand mystery behind his laughter. He fired the arrow which could never reach the target. Similarly, other disciples also could not pass the test as their as they lacked concentration. In the end Arjun came. Dronacharya asked the same question from him. He answered, “I am seeing only the right eye of the bird which I have to pierce with my arrow.” Dronacharya was very much satisfied by his answer and was quite happy to find that Arjun pierced the right eye of the rotating bird with his arrow in a single attempt and had thus successfully achieved the target. The lesson to be learnt from this episode of the Mahabharat is that one should concentrate on his work hundred percent, then only he can achieve something marvellous.

Persons who do not concentrate on their work, keep disturbing others. If we remain involved in our work, we do not have time to find fault with others or to create problem for others[p1] . So, the best thing is that we keep engaged constructively and should not unnecessarily disturb others with our views on any issue unless they are willing to listen. Unsolicited advice does not lead to any meaningful solution.

 God has given us everything that we need but the problem is that we are unable to make proper use of our own resources and keep envying when others achieve something better.We have limited time which we can either use in positive way or fritter away in gossips. Every day we get a blank cheque in the form of a new day. We have option to write anything by doing things of our choice. We may spoil our time in quarrelling, sleeping or gossiping. Alternatively, we can spend our time in good things like reading books, or doing some other constructive things. Ultimately the day will pass. Time that has passed away will never return. If we make constructive use of our time and energy, we can accomplish a lot. We can make big achievements. On the other hand, if we just keep finding fault with others or try to bring others down, we can never improve. Our time will be wasted over useless things. At the end, we will feel disappointed to find that many persons who were much below us have grown and achieved much more.

We see striking difference between achievements of some persons. They live in the same world but the way they think and act makes the difference. If we concentrate on our positive actions and let our energy utilized for the designated purpose we can achieve much more than we ever dreamt of. We become our own enemy by spoiling our time and energy in negativities. Time and energy which is lost in finding fault with others can be better utilized. That is how successful persons have behaved and won in this world which is otherwise full of conflicts.

Everybody acts as per his nature. The fact of the matter is that we keep advising others without understanding the implications. We should, therefore, not disturb anybody in perusing his self-designated path. If we do so, we cannot help them in any manner. Not only he would be deflected from his own way but will probably not be able to follow the path being shown by us. We should, therefore concentrate upon our own business in life so that we are able to achieve the best.

Everybody has different situation to face in life. Accordingly, there cannot be a solution common to all the problems that the people confront in day to life. But living in peace and harmony is definitely a common desire but for which the very existence of mankind can be endangered. We must, therefore, think twice before taking a decision affecting others. We must not do something which we would not like to be done to us.

Nature exists because of unique balance it is maintaining automatically. The Sun, the Moon, the Earth and for that matter millions of stars and planets are rotating in their fixed circles without disturbing any other planet and that is how they are surviving for millions of years. Nobody knows for certainty as to how this is happening but it happens and that is helping all of us to live in this wonderful world happily and peacefully. Let us all take lesson from this and try to be accommodative and adjust with others. Then alone we can prosper and live a happy life.

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