बुधवार, 15 अक्तूबर 2014

No more Mandal and Kamandal.

 The Congress Party is, too, busy protecting Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Mr Rahul Gandhi following huge setback due to unprecedented defeat in the Lok Sabha elections.In order to protect herself and her son Mrs Sonia Gandhi can go to any length and action against Mr Tharoor is only an example. The Congress Party lost in the Lok Sabha elections because of poor performance by the UPA Government which was immersed in corruption .Instead of learning from the past, the Congress leadership believes to regain the lost ground just by criticizing Mr Narendr Modi and his government. Whatever the Central Government does, the Opposition parties start criticizing. They are ,too, crazy to prove that the Modi government has not come to people’s expectations and that the promises made by the BJP during election campaign are all false. But how that is going to help the Opposition? The people of India are wise enough to understand their gimmicks and that is why they lost the Lok Sabha elections. The false propaganda in the name of secularism and casteism could not bring dividends .the slogan Kisan and Musalman raised recently by an Opposition leader is only reflective of the same mentality. Youths aspirations need to be understood. They want progress,they want jobs and no more Mandal and Kamandal.

Life is an opportunity

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