रविवार, 18 मई 2014

purity of the Ganga water will be restored soon.!

There were celebrations everywhere. Modiji was given wonderful welcome  on his arrival in Delhi yesterday.Then he went to Varanasi and participated in worship to Lord Vishwanath and Ganga aarati programme..The touching speech he gave from the banks of the Ganges will be ever remembered.We all need to do something to restore the pride and purity of the Ganges.Rght from the very childhood we have been witnessing every household keeping  the Ganga water to be used on auspicious occasions.A drop of the Ganga water can purify everyone and everything!That Great Ganga certainly needs immediate attention of one and all.It can not be left to the Government to clean it.We also need to be careful while dealing with it.
Let us hope that the purity of the Ganga water will be restored soon.!

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