सोमवार, 18 अगस्त 2014

Opposition lacks contructive programme

It is high time that the opposition parties understand the mind of youths of the country. They are interested in jobs, better educational opportunities and want to live a dignified life ,They are fed up with petty politics over caste and religion. That is why these things did not work in the last general election to the Lok Sabha.This is likely to be repeated in the assembly elections to be held in the near future.
Power grabbing by hook or crook has become the main and only target of Indian opposition parties with the result that they always try to create vote banks by generating social divides in the name of caste and religion. They do not have any constructive programme to serve the people of India and win their hearts by service. The result is: even the smallest event take communal colour due to over reactive and opportunist opposition politics. Reservation in government jobs on caste basis were played again and again with the same target in mind.New political alignments in Bihar have come up with the same caste politics in mind but they must understand BJP won the last elections not due to caste/religion but on the basis of new hope for growth and  prosperity generated by the Honourable PM,Narendra Modi.
Let all political parties understand  the message given by the Indian electorate through its voting pattern in the last general election and adopt a constructive stand  for national building instead of opposing everything for the sake of opposition and finding faults with the Central Government.

रविवार, 3 अगस्त 2014

disband the IAS and like services and bring real democracy in India.

Recently lot of controversies have been going on with regard to the process of holding examination for selection of IAS/IPS etc. every young graduate is aspiring to be IAS. But why??IAS/IPS  officers  consider themselves as super human and have highly inflated EGO.They may be talented but there is huge pool of other talented persons who can serve the country better,if given a chance.Basically the Britishers had created ICS to rule this country from thousands miles away.Things have now changed.India is now a free country but we are still continuing with the legacies of the past.We are a welfare state.We have to work for the progress and prosperity of millions of Indians and live with our head erect.

There is necessity to allow people with talent to serve the Government  in Power for implementation of their policies.Experts/specialists from different fields can be recruited by the Government on contract basis to serve the full term of the Government and then they may revert to their field of specialization once the new Government takes over who can have their own team of officers similarly recruited.

The huge establishment running the day to day business of the Government also need to be pruned and minimized. IAS becomes heads of everything as if they know everything and others who may be specialist in their fields are all mediocre. This attitude must go.

Let there be opportunity for qualified and talented people to serve the country in top positions not on the basis of seniority in a particular service like IAS but on the basis of merit tested at the nick of time.A person passes an examination/interview(howsoever tough it may be) some thirty years ago and then keeps ruling the country all over his life.This is ridiculous.It is appropriate that the  Government reviews the system,disbands the IAS and like services and bring real democracy in India.

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