रविवार, 11 मई 2014

Indian Democracy is at the crossroads

Indian Democracy is at the crossroads. Elections are essential part of a Democratic set up. There is need to hold them peacefully and to accept the peoples verdict gracefully. This Lok Sabha election will be ever remembered for political leaders of different parties crossing all limits in abusing Shri Narendra Modiji  who has become a national HERO in the eyes of Indians. If a political party is going to loose ,it need not start abusing the winners rather should make introspection   and wait for the next election. Even opposition  has a great role to play in the system. Most of the parties have read the writings on the wall and it is that the victory of Shri Narendra Modiji is only awaiting a formal announcement.

Elections for the Lok Sabha is ending to-morrow

Elections for the Lok Sabha is ending to-morrow. It seems to be Modiji vrs  All.There has been lot of noise during more than a month long period during which this process of election  has been going on this time.It is  now to see ,if we get a stable government with full majority so that it can deliver ??

Life is an opportunity

Life is an opportunity   Millions of people have come and gone but nobody remembers them. Only a few persons like Vyas, Shankarachary,Vi...