रविवार, 25 मई 2014

Nation building is not to be left to the government alone.

We have all voted for a strong,stable central government and it has  brought the desired result.After a long gap,we have  a government with clear majority and the result is obvious.The government is able to take stand even before its formal take over despite opposition from powerful regional leaders with narrow minded approach over national issues.

Then our job is not over with casting of votes.We must all contribute  to the cause of national building which is possible only if we our conscious of our duties more than our rights.

Nation building is not to be left to the government alone.It is the collective effort which alone can help us keep our head high among the nations of the world.That is possible only when we stop fighting for small things in the name of caste and religion and discard sectarian and casiest leaders .Once the people give firm message to the political class about their resolve to vote for development prone ,honest persons ,the political leaders will fall inline and stop taking castiest,and sectarian approach.

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