सोमवार, 19 मई 2014

good bye to castiests and pseudo secularists !

Recent election results are game changers not only for the Governance of the country but is also a great lesson for the hypocrites .So far the practice has been that who so ever invited Muslims to vote in their favour in the name of religion became self styled secularist. Smt Sonia Gandhi went to the extent of calling for unity of secular votes.Many other political outfits followed the same philosophy not because they were really concerned about the welfare of minorities but they expected to benefit from the vote bank politics being followed in the name of secularism and castiesm. Castiesm and 

Pseudo-Secularism have done great harm to this country.

Selfish  politicians  exploit  minorities by creating fear psychosis.

Had they been really concerned about their welfare,minorities would not have been struggling at the bottom level even in the states being ruled by these secularists.The caste politics has done greater damage to this country than anything else.People vote on caste lines which results in politicians who hardly have any interest in real development.Bihar and U.P. are worst sufferers.
Ihe people of India has shown courage and wisdom in rising above the caste and religion in voting for a development man,Shri Narendra Bhai Modiji.If there is development in the country,everbody will be benefited.so we must say good bye to castiests and pseudo secularists to ensure peace,prosperity and growth in the country.

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