गुरुवार, 22 मई 2014

mismanagement in the rail ticket booking system should go

People of India are naturally waiting to see the new government at the centre to perform.There is enormous scope of improvement in government functioning .The existing system of railway reservation specially tatkal tickets need immediate attention.Despite  efforts made so far, the system of railway reservation is still not satisfactory.Huge number of travelors are facing trouble due to slow mooving  IRCTC website.When there is so much demand of railway tickets and the facility of internet reservation is easily available even in remote areas,the need to have so many agents is beyond our understanding.The new government should immediately scrap the system of booking railway tickets through agents and improve the IRCTC internet booking system so that it is easily accessible and people are able to book ticket without wasting time.If this simple work is done,this government will gain  lot of goodwill as the present mismanagement in the rail ticket booking system is causing  lot of difficulties for the common man who look  at the new government with great expectations.

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