बुधवार, 14 मई 2014

Let the country prosper!

Final results of the recent elections are yet to be formally declared .The entire country is holding its breath to see the change at the Centre. But the time is not very far. It is, however, important that  the new government, which is certainly going to be headed by Modiji ,is allowed free hand to perform so that it should  be able to keep its promises made to the people of India on the  eve of the Election. Senior BJP Leaders who are above 75 should voluntarily keep themselves away from the day to day functioning of the government and should do social work .They must give place to youngers .People of India are watching silently and have great expectations from the new government. Let us all cooperate with new government and create a appositive atmosphere so that the country prospers. Congress must gladly accept its defeat and function like a constructive opposition. Even the opposition party has a great role to play in a democratic system.

Life is an opportunity

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