शुक्रवार, 16 मई 2014

India has won!

Indian is celebrating victory of Shri Narendra Modiji who is going to lead the nation as its next Prime Minister. After thirty years India is going to have a Central Government wilh absolute majority. Shri M.J.Akabar is right in saying that it is a great unjustice to say that minorities are against Shri Modiji.It was a great conspiracy which has led to the massive defeat of Congress.Congress had never such defeat in the history.
The voters of the country have voted with great introspection. They had a great hope in the leadership of Modiji.They have voted for development, and prosperity of the country.Modiji came out with a new policy which vouched for growth,and development.People from all sections of the country liked and trusted this and voted for Modiji.
Not only Narendraji rather entire india has won.this election is a message to the narrow minded leaders who expected to win by following divisive politics.
India is great!
India has won!
jai Bharat!
Vande Mataram!

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