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Miracles do happen!

Miracles do happen!

I  am Deepika. My family was living in a rented accommodation on the third floor of an apartment in Allahabad. The roof of the flat used to leak during the rainy season. The flat was old and the landlord was not undertaking any maintenance work. He wanted us to vacate the flat. But we were unable to get a suitable accommodation on the existing rent.

My father had shifted from a remote village in Kerala. He was not even matriculate. My father initially used to sell tea. After that he used to sell vegetables. After some time, he started working as a security guard and was given job at a private company.  He used to work with a great devotion. The owner of the company got impressed and gave him job of labour supervisor in his company.

 Despite hardship my father was very much concerned about our education and did his best to provide us with the basic facilities. I and my sister Rakhee were admitted to a nearby government school.

The struggle of our parents was always a source of inspiration to me. I worked hard . I passed Matriculation in the first division. My sister, Rakhee also had passed it in the first division. Both of us got admitted in Inter college. My uncle was Subedaar Major in the army. I was immensely inspired by him. I developed interest in joining as an officer in the Indian Army. I, therefore, got enrolled in the N.C.C.

While I was a student of Intermediate, my father expired. Thereafter, we had to face lot of financial hardship. My mother used to take private tuitions. But that was not enough. Therefore, I also started private tuitions.

After sometime my mother and Rakhee fell ill. They were unable to recover for a long. Arranging proper medical treatment was a great problem.

One day while I was going to teach a student in a nearby village, I saw a saint. He started telling my problems as if he knew everything. I was surprised to hear him. The saint told me that my future was bright. He gave me a packet containing some magical ring and directed to open it on reaching home and to wear it in the right hand.On reaching home, I did exactly as advised.

 I really progressed very fast since then. My financial problem was solved as the college Principal offered me scholarship which was enough to meet our daily requirements. Besides, he also provided me a double seated room in girl`s hostel where I could live there with my sister.

Now I concentrated fully on my annual examination. But this could not last long. In the meantime, the magical ring given by the saint was lost inadvertently. I was always careful about the magical ring. Nevertheless, it was lost.

After some time, my mother became seriously ill. I took her to the government hospital. She had developed lung cancer. The disease was in advance stage and treating cancer in this situation was impossible.

Nevertheless, I kept trying. Soon thigs went out of hand. The disease spread to different organs very fast. Her condition was deteriorating day by day. The doctors advised us to take her back to home. We had no choice. As soon as we reached our flat, she collapsed. She was trying to say something but could not.

On seeing this Rakhee became nervous. I was also socked.The news of death of my mother spread very fast. My relatives and friends came immediately. Almost everybody from my neighbourhood attended the cremation. They were sad to see us weeping and tried their best to console us.

]The death of my mother was a severe blow to us. But I did not lose hope. I kept my efforts despite hardship. I continued with private tuitions. I became serious in my N.C.C. classes.

One day while I was travelling in train from Delhi to Pune to attend the national level N.C.C. camp, I saw the same saint sitting on the front berth. He at once recognized me. He knew about the death of my mother and also had information about the loss of the magical ring. I was amazed to see him talking about these things. He said:

 “Your problems have compounded due to loss of the magical ring. It was vested with power to neutralise the impact of negative forces. But do not worry. I shall give you another magical ring. You must ensure that it is not lost otherwise it may cause too much damage.”

I assured him to take full care of the magical ring. The saint shut his eyes and whispered something. In the meantime, a small ring appeared in my right hand. It was like diamond. It had golden colour. I put it on my right hand and turned back to touch the feet of the saint. But he was not there. He just vanished away.

I could not believe that. I had seen the saint travelling with me. He even discussed my problem and gave me that magical ring. In the meantime, the saint vanished. Nothing could have been more surprising than what had just happened.

Now I was finding things moving in the right direction. I passed the N.C.C. ‘C’‘Certificate and obtained the first grade. I was now eligible for direct entry into the commissioned rank of the Indian army. I thanked God for being so kind to me.

I was soon invited by the Service Selection Board for interview -cum- selection tests to be held at Allahabad. I made the entire preparations as given in the guideline. I consulted my NCC Commander and also took his help in practising for the Ground Testing which formed part of the selectin procedure.

I appeared before the Selection Board as scheduled and got selected without any difficulty. I was very happy to learn about this development.

I returned home with a sense of pride on my face. My sister Rakhee was very happy. We went to the temple and thanked God for his constant help.

After a month or so, I joined the Indian Army as Lieutenant but I could never forget the saint for his blessings and the magical ring which really did wonder in my life. Now I am a Lieutenant in the army. I have lot of respect in the society. All this seems to be a great dream fulfilled. I am surprised by the sequence of events. It is rightly said:” A saint can change the fate. {जो न करे लकीर सो करे फकीर}”!

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