शनिवार, 24 मई 2014

The division of India was the greatest blunder

It is a great news that the Prime Minister of Pakistan,Mr Nawaj Sarif has accepted invitation to participate in swearing ceremony of Shri Modiji as the Prime Minister of India.Modiji deserves credit for taking such a dynamic step in inviting SAARC countries on this occasion.
We must have coordial relations with our neighbours,if we want to propsper.Every sensible person will only pray that the goodwill between the countries is not only strenthened further rather is strong enough to solve all impending issues being faced by the two countries.
The division of India was the greatest blunder for which both the countries have paid heavy price so far.The Britishers played greatest mischief by engineering division of India in the name of religion.This was not only unnatural rather highly impracticabl as well.It is high time that the governments on both sides  sit together (and involve Bangla desh also in the process)and work for reuniting India,Pakistan and Bangla Desh into one nation.Till such time this situation comes,let them have a good working relation among themselves.This will help everybody in the region .

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