मंगलवार, 27 मई 2014

give the government reasonable time to gear up and deliver.

With the Modi government having been formally set up ,there is a sense of pride and achievement in the entire country.People have been waiting for a change.They have given clear mandate for a new government so that it should be able to function free from pressure tactics of regional parties/allies.Now that the Modi government  has finally taken over,people are expecting positive results.Of course,it is not possible to bring about a total turn around overnight but initiatives in the right direction will itself make a lot .Inviting SAARC countries for participation in the swearing ceremony of the Prime Minister Modiji and his cabinet colleagues has been a master stroke in the field of foreign affairs.There are lot of issues inside the country which if suitably attended,will create tremendous goodwill in favour of the central government.Difficulties being experienced by the common man in getting railway reservation is one such problem which needs immediate attention

We must,however,give the government reasonable time to gear up and deliver.Let us hope and pray that the Modi government brings a new era of development in the country.

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