रविवार, 15 नवंबर 2020


The Small is beautiful


Nature has its own process of creation and destruction. A small plant   grows to become a big tree in course of time. But all plants do not grow tall. But even the smallest one comes with its own beauty and fragrance. It may last only a few hours but during that small period, it is full of life and is able to influence the environment around it. All of them do not last long. Some flowers live only for a few hours fade away soon. Even then, it lives with charm and fragrance during its brief existence. It   leaves its footprint in the minds of viewers forever. Similarly, it is not necessary that all human beings should turn out to be VIP or VVIP for that matter. Even the lives of ordinary persons are equally meaningful and may contribute a lot to humanity. The very concept of big or small is a delusion. We always tend to compare one thing with the other and that may create the impression of something looking great. But fact of the matter is that the entire earth itself looks like a small circle when viewed from the Moon in so much so that one can cover it and make invisible just by putting our hands in front of our eyes. So, things become big or small depending upon our own thinking, our own situation.

We often aspire for something remarkable. We keep competing with others. We want to be placed very high so that everybody respects us. In that process, we keep struggling throughout. We live in stress. We are often in conflict with our own selves. We value too much about what others say about me. We try to impress others. We always try to wriggle out of the situation but fail to do so. We are never at peace with ourselves. Thus, we remain engulfed with self-created   tension. The problem is-Why is it happening so?

Nobody in this world is small or big. We make ourselves feel so   as soon as we start comparing ourselves with others. Everybody progresses in life according to his own nature and efforts. So, we can remain satisfied and lead a happy life by looking towards our own achievements. We should refrain from making any attempt to impress others. Most of the people remain worried and   dissatisfied due to views of others. The fact of the matter is that most of the persons we come across in our day to day life are simply concerned about themselves and   often have biased attitude. We should, therefore, avoid giving too much importance to what others say. That alone can bring peace and happiness in life 

Before anything achieves its full height, it is always small. Beginning is always humble and small. Nobody gets prominence overnight. It took efforts of years and years so that somebody could   went up-to the Mount Everest. Big achievements essentially need sustained efforts and hard work. The stories of achievers tell essentially about inherent qualities of head and heart which led them to that height. Otherwise, they could have been disheartened by failures which they essentially met with during the long journey. We need not compare ourselves with others and get demoralized. It is always advisable to review our own performances and improve from wherever we are. A step in the right direction definitely proves to be a great milestone in the road to success. We should, therefore, not worry about heights we attain in our lives. What is important is its usefulness for humanity. If we are able to help even a single person and make his life easy even during the entire lifetime, we can die in peace and may have satisfaction of living a meaningful life.

We begin our life as a tiny particle and it ends in nothingness. We do not carry anything with ourselves. Everything big or small is left out here itself. Then what is the utility of hankering after worldly things? The answer is nothing. So, we must understand the life. If we live a peaceful life and a life with dignity where we are not dependent upon anybody for our survival, we can be the real winner. If God gives us anything extra, that is to be utilized for the welfare of humanity at large. That gives us an opportunity to live for others. That gives real beauty to our life. We rise above our own selves and become a true human being. In that situation, we really enjoy peace of mind and self-satisfaction which can never be gained from any material achievements.

We came to this world, live it for a while and then ultimately leave it. We do not have any say in our birth or death. But we want to have things done as per choice during the period we live. How is it possible? The journey of life is predestined. We have just to follow it. So, there is no point in    worrying for something or everything that may happen during the long journey of life. It has to be   there. We can at the best accept things as they come and live in peace. But that is not so easy. We keep on struggling for many things and often end in disappointment. We live in conflict with our own selves and remain restless throughout. Cannot we avoid such things? Cannot we live in peace and harmony with our own selves? That is the basic problem which all of us face. It is not important as to how much wealth we generate. What is the most important in life is whether we are satisfied with our own lives? Do we have peace of mind? If not, everything which is coming in the way of peaceful life should be discarded. A self-satisfied person having peace of mind is the real hero. Otherwise, people become burden not only to their nears and dears but to the entire humanity depending upon their strength, as such persons create enormous sense of insecurity and hatred in the mind of others because of their extreme selfish attitude.



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