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Why do we worry at all?

Why do we worry at all?

Do we gain anything by worrying? The answer is big ‘NO’. Then why do we worry at all? The answer is: We cannot live without worrying.

Worry is a universal problem. It is not confined to the poor or have nots. The rich and powerful persons are seen worrying much more because they have many avenues for attachment. They have greater chance of losing. Therefore, they remain busy in finding ways and means to protect their wealth, position and status in the society. Fear of losing something already acquired, is not confined to high and mighty.

Worry is a negative instinct generated mainly out of fear. We start worrying as soon as we come across a situation beyond our control. We worry a lot when we have scarcity. We also start worrying when we have enough.

 I remember an incident where a gardener committed suicide because he was superseded by his junior for promotion to the post of Head gardener. He could not tolerate his junior becoming his boss. Both of them were men of low status.  Nevertheless, he was shocked to see his junior getting promoted. Inability to adjust with the changes in life often results in disappointments and may cause irreparable damage to our mental and physical health.

We used to worry a lot about our school examinations during childhood. Now, we think, it was not required. What is the point of the school going children worrying about their performance so much so that  some of them even commit suicide because of poor performance? But that is not the end of it. When we grow young, we keep worrying about our admission to good professional college. After sometime, we keep worrying about placement. When we get placement, then we invent new problems so that this chain remains intact.

Many of us aspire to become rich so that we can lead a happy and comfortable life. We struggle a lot to acquire wealth and power, position in our life. There are many people who already have enough wealth. They even succeeded in acquiring high position. Nevertheless, they are not free from worries. They too have to face struggle in day to day life. The desire to immortalize the things already acquired creates many problems. We keep on making frantic efforts so that we do not lose our wealth, status and everything that we have. But things keep changing. We lose control over future developments and end leaving everything behind at the time of departing from the world. Even worries of life are left out.

We have air-conditioned rooms, modern gadgets, easy chairs and comfortable bedsheets. Nevertheless, we remain craving for sleep. We spend sleepless nights despite taking sleeping pills. On the other hand, a large number of labourer’s sleep on the streets without any hitch. They work hard throughout the day and earn hardly enough to make both ends meet. After having their meals, they go to sleep on the road side and sleep within minutes despite so much noise around. Why are they able to have such a sound sleep? Why the rich and the privileged keep craving for it?? The answer is very simple. Most of them do not have peace of mind because of  endless craving for more and more. But the poor labourers are working hard. They sleep fearlessly by the side of the road. It is another thing that drunk drivers often crush them and some of them have accidental death while sleeping on the road.

Many people quarrel on Holidays. This happens because their minds are unoccupied. Empty mind is devils workshop. Small family issues get mixed with the mental tension buried in the inner mind. The remedy is to keep oneself constructively occupied during vacations. This not only gives an opportunity to unwind but also saves us from avoidable conflict with the family and friends.

We should share our problems/difficulties with our friends. This helps a lot in removing mental burden. It is quite possible, that they would have faced similar problem. That way we can benefit from their personal experience. If the problem being faced is technical in nature, such as a legal dispute or sending reply to a notice received from the Income Tax Department, the remedy is to consult the experts of that field immediately instead of keeping the matter pending.

Modern gadgets like mobile phone, Sky TV, Internet, Facebook etc have added to our woes. It brings bad and good news from all over the world. We get associated with so many unwanted incidents. No doubt they have brought the world closer, making the dream of a global village close to a reality but it has damaged harmony within our own self. We are too much concerned about what others think about me. We have stopped self-introspection. This results in increased incidence of depression. Young people are uploading their own suicide video on the social media? What a disappointing situation this is? We are destroying our own existence?

Worry is not confined to the poor. The rich people have more to worry. They keep worrying about possible loss in the business or someone else getting more profit. What is the remedy? Should we stop worrying. Yes, but how. That is the main problem. Everybody wants to live peacefully and to enjoy the benefits of his hard work. But many persons are not lucky enough to be able to do that. Many of us develop disease and have to spend a lot of time and money over medical treatment. We keep earning even at the cost of health and then spend money so earned on saving life!

A slight dose of worry can work like medicine. For example, if a student worries about his examination, he may become more attentive and start preparing for his examination and may do better in his examination and earn respectability among his fellow students. On the other hand, if worries dominate his mind, he may lose creativity. Young students who could not make it in the entrance examinations for admission to various courses get frustrated and go even to the extent of taking once own life. Can there be more disappointing development than this? Every year we hear the news of suicide from Kota in Rajasthan where many young girls and boys commit suicide because they fail to get admission into IIT? Why such things happen? Often guardians too are responsible for such things. The students who do not even have interest in Science subjects are forced to study them so that they could compete with their neighbour’s son or daughters. This mad race need to end. There is nothing in this world which could justify taking once own life. Life is a wonderful gift from God.It must be protected!

Most of the time we keep postponing decisions. This often leads to avoidable mental tension. If we care to take timely decision after careful considerations, it is quite possible that we would cross the barriers. Merely thinking about the past or the future does not lead anywhere. If you see the life history of great men, you would find one thing common in most of them and that is their ability to act in time. Those who keep doubting are ultimately finished. That is why Lord Krishna said in the Gita” Sansayaatma vinasyati”.

Life needs adjustment. Persons who adjust with the situation and accept the unavoidable have little to worry. But many people keep thinking about the past. They are reluctant to accept new developments which results in constant struggle within.

Our inability to accept the unavoidable thing often leads to tension in our lives. We can avoid tension and remain free from worries, if we stop thinking over things which are already over or which are beyond our means,”gata sun gatanshchiab nanu shochanti panditah”.Wise people do not think over the past or things which are yet to happen.

We are destined to live and go. Thousands of persons have come and gone. The problems of life have ever continued. In a way, these are essential requirements for sustenance of life. Let us accept the life as it unfolds and rest in peace.

All my life, I hoped and dreamed,
to become a superstar, and not have to worry,
about all of the problems, and all of the hardships,
that the world would bring,

I wouldn't have to worry, about being poor,
or what to wear, or what money we even had, to spend here or there,
Id have a life no worries, no dreams that didn't come true,
id have everything, but for now I'm just happy with what i have,
and I'm happy that I have you.

(No Worries - Poem by Brandie .....)

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