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A visit to hell !

A visit to hell !

I have spent almost 60 years in my village. During this long journey of life, I saw many ups and downs. My children were educated and finally settled in different cities. I have two sons and one daughter. My eldest son, Harish, is a Senior Officer and lives in Delhi. My daughter, Rita, is a Doctor and lives in the USA with her husband who also is a Doctor. The youngest is Dip. He is a scientist and is married to an engineer. Both of them are settled in Australia.

Harish is the only child living in India. He is very careful and sensitive person. He has lot of regards for his parents. He has been inviting us times and again to come over to Delhi but my wife always avoided going there. Ultimately, I decided to visit Delhi and stay with my son for some time.

I reached Allahabad Railway station in the evening. The train was three hours late. I kept waiting in the waiting room. The train arrived at about 10 PM in the night. I managed to get into it with the help of a fellow passenger. He was a very nice person and made me comfortable.

I reached New Delhi Railway station next day around 1PM.The train got delayed throughout the journey. By the time I reached Delhi, I was totally exhausted. Harish had come to pick up me. I and Harish left the Platform together and reached the escalator. I had never used this. So, I was scared to keep my feet upon it. Harish tried to help me but I was unable to manage and fell down. I started rolling over the speeding escalator. Luckily some passengers noticed me falling and caught me. Thus, I was saved. I sustained minor injuries in the right hand.

I reached Chanakyapuri flat of my son, Harish. He has been allotted a huge government accommodation in Delhi. My grandchildren were waiting on the veranda of the flat. I was seeing them after a long gap. Rani and Arjun were born together and were both studying in the Sixth class.

I soon mixed with the children and gave them gifts which their grandmother had sent for them. I persuaded them to open the gift pack given by their grandmother. They even opened it but were disappointed to see the home-made things which  were not of their liking..

I settled in a ground floor room which had all the facilities including attached toilet. I went to the toilet to refresh. I had lot of difficulties firstly in using it as the toilet was western type. I was not used to use such toilets.  I could not locate water required for cleaning. I kept trying for about fifteen minutes. The children got scared to see me in the toilet for such a long period. I myself was upset. Ultimately, I shouted for help. The children came running. They immediately understood my predicament. I could somehow come out as the children guided me from outside.

Everybody in the family was occupied with his work. Harish went office at 8AM sharp. The Children went to their school. My daughter-in-law was a school teacher. She, too, left for her school. I was left alone in that huge accommodation. It was difficult to spend time. I switched on the television. But could not prolong. I did not have interest in most of the programmes. Thereafter, I sat on the veranda watching the people coming and going.I suddenly started pain in my stomach. There was none to attend me. The pain was growing with time. I tried to signal the persons coming and going but no body was responding. I felt unconscious. Luckily the postman had come to deliver a registered letter. He saw me grooming and at once called the neighbours. One of the neighbour knew my son. He telephoned my son who came running and took me to the hospital. Thus, I was saved.

The Greatest problem was to spend time in the lonely environment of the flat. I was used to live in the village environment where every body was accessible. I could spend time with my friends and relatives. Hardly anyone had time and interest to meet me. Sometimes, staff from the office of my son used to come to our house. I would engage them in gossips but this was not liked by my son and his wife. They were more concerned about their status and would not talk to people with lower status.

One day while my son and other family members were out, I was alone in the flat. I closed it and went out to walk in the nearby park. I enjoyed going to the park. I saw many senior citizens playing cards and gossiping. I sat there for some time. But I could not associate much with them as they were from different places and were unable to understand my language. I ultimately left the part. I was trying to return to my flat but unfortunately, I forgot the way to my home. I was lost somewhere and reached entirely at a new place which was near a temple.

On return from the market, my son and other family members found me missing. They were extremely perturbed. They tried to locate here and there but it could not work out. Even my mobile was left at the flat itself. So, they were clueless about my whereabouts and were left with no option but to inform the police. The police swung into action and could trace me wandering on the road. They took me to the nearest police station. My son was informed and he came running to the police station. On reaching there, he found me totally distressed. I was immensely tired and speechless. He took me out of the police station after formalities. I accompanied my son to the flat. They were immensely relieved as the entire family had suffered lot of tension due to my sudden disappearance.

After this incident an identity card was tied around my neck like a school going child. Besides the beat constable was also given my details. That started another problem as the police constable used to visit the flat every now and then. There was total loss of privacy’s and other family members were feeling disturbed due to his frequent visits. My movements were limited. I hardly had opportunity to speak to anybody. Throughout the day I used to sit on the veranda and watch the persons coming and going on the street. I was feeling as if I am in a prison.

 I requested my son to allow me go back to my village home. There I could meet with my villagers freely. They know me. they have time for me. But what is here? Nobody has interest in me. My family members are too much occupied. They have their own engagements, own friend circle. They talk to me but just for formality sake.

One day while I was going to toilet, I slipped. The floor was slippery. I fell down. I had injuries near the right thigh. I had intense pain. I Started crying. I was rushed to the nearby hospital. The x-ray showed fracture near the right thigh. The doctors conducted emergency operation. I had a very painful time in the hospital. I had to undergo physiotherapy for about one month. I could not regain my original movements even thereafter. I could not recover fully thereafter.

Ultimately,I could persuade my son to send me back to my village home. On reaching there, I had a sigh of relief and tremendous peace of mind. The tragedy was over Now, I could breathe freely in the open air. I thanked God that my visit to hell was over!

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