शनिवार, 21 जून 2014

increase in railway fair is justified but....

The decision of the Central Government to increase the rail fair is wholly justified. Successive Rail Ministers have failed to perform this unpleasant task which is responsible for present precarious condition of the railways. If we want the railways to improve, we must be ready to pay for then services it provides.
It is,however,inportant that the government  also makes efforts for increasing facilities for the travelling passangers.first of all, the railway reservation system needs complete overrhauling. The booking of tatkal ticket over internet is a total failure. Security of passengers in the trains needs to be improved .More trains have to be provided during peak seasons. New railway lines should be developed in backward areas and for all these things railways will need money. Let us, therefore, cooperate with the Central Government in their efforts to make improvements in the railways.
It is common knowledge that the previous Rail Ministers have been more concerned with their political future than the future of the country. We must say good bye to the subsidies and freebies.Let us pay for the facilities we take. But then the Central Government should ensure that our railways are really world class and for that the people of India ,too, will have to cooperate with the hard policy decisions  being taken by the Central Government.

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