बुधवार, 12 सितंबर 2018



Life is a peculiar mix of good and bad things. Everybody has to face ups and downs in his life. We cannot always get things of our choice. We have to accept many things unwillingly. Patience plays big role in such situations. Persons with patience can face the adverse situations boldly and can change them to their advantage by positive thinking and application of strong will power. Only patience can help to face adverse situations.

Persons with patience have done wonders. There are many such examples. One of such examples is the story of Dasarath Majhi. He was a poor labourer. He could not give proper medical care to his ailing wife and she ultimately died because the Doctor was living far away, behind a hill. Had there been a direct access through the hill he could have reached the Doctor in time and probably his wife could have been saved. This inspired him to cut the stones of the hill with simple instruments. He worked hard for years together to make road through the hill. Initially, people used to call him mad but things changed entirely when they really saw him achieving his goal by working single handed for years together. He is now praised by everybody.

All good things achieved or acquired needed efforts of years. The path to success is often full of hurdles. Many times, they had disappointments but they continued and ultimately reached the target. Many persons lost their lives while trying to climb the mount Everest but it was conquered ultimately. Thus, the story of success has many pathetic stories hidden behind it.

The entire process of life is a lesson for patience. A new born child remains totally dependent on his parents for survival. It takes efforts of years that the child is grown as an adult. In between, there is no substitute for patience on the parts of the parents who sacrifice everything in their command to let the child grow. Sometimes, the child becomes ill. Sometimes he fails in the school examination. Sometimes, he quarrels with the neighbour`s child and invites wrath of the neighbours but parents bear with everything with patience keeping welfare of the child in mind.

There are many examples where patience has paid a vital role in achieving the target. Lord Ram had to leave his kingdom and forced to live in the forest for fourteen years in obedience of the promise made by his father Dasarath to his step-mother Kaikeyi. He had to face lot of troubles during this period. Even his wife was abducted by the unsocial elements led by Ravana . He had to fight a lengthy battle to regain his honour and the wife. Because he stood for justice, he got support from many influential persons of that time which helped him to regain his wife and to defeat the mighty king Ravana. Similarly during Mahabharat period, the Pandavas had to fight with close relations to avenge the loss of reputation caused by humiliation inflicted by the Kauravas . He ultimately won the battle but it needed lot of patience and sacrifice. So, we must have patience if we are really interested in doing something remarkable.

These days the newspapers are full with the news of violence being committed on the spur of moment. People do not have patience and they become violent even for small things. Sometimes neighbours quarrel over parking space and it results in murder. Persons driving on roads do not have patience to adjust with the fellow passengers and start quarrelling.

We lose patience when we have too much attachment with the fruit of efforts made for achieving our aspired goal. We do something and expect the desired result without fail. This does not always happen. Life does not always follow the dotted line. The impact of our past deeds often follows us and it takes time to get rid of it. However, we are sure to succeed if we keep on doing and do not stop mid-way. If, however, we lose heart and stop making efforts midway we cannot do something remarkable. All things great achieved so far by mankind needed equally great efforts. We cannot achieve excellent by doing ordinary or little efforts. We have to be patient so that things happen as we had initially planned. Sustained efforts with patience can bring anything within our reach. Let us acquire it.

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