शुक्रवार, 23 मई 2014

Bihar Model :how long Bihar will continue to be exploited in the name of secularism and casteism??

After JD(U)  lost  Lok Sabha  elections ,Mr Nithish Kumar  resigned from the post of Chief Minister on moral grounds. He should have resigned much earlier when he broke away from BJP as the people of Bihar had given mandate to NDA to rule Bihar.However,he chose to stick to chair till he lost in the recent elections. He should have recommended dissolution of the state assembly and should have faced fresh election.But he lacked courage to do so because of imminent defeat in the event of fresh election to the state assembly. Therefore he brought a mahadalit Chief Minister,and developed friendship with RJD to whom he had been criticising all along for fomenting caste politics.The question is :how long Bihar will continue to be exploited in the name of secularism and casteism. Already the state is facing acute backwardness. Education system is in mess. There is hardly any industry worth the name in the state. like rest of the country,Bihar,too,must grow and that is possible only if the government there is concerned with the growth and development .It should not count its survival on caste equations. Mr Nithis Kumar has done long time damage to the People of Bihar by throwing it back into the dirt of caste politics for narrow political gains.
Let people of Bihar teach them lesson by casting vote in favour of development and prosperity setting aside caste and pseudo secularism in the next election to the state assembly as and when it is held so that the narrow minded politicians are taught a lesson forever.

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