सोमवार, 8 फ़रवरी 2021

Be fair and just


Be fair and just

The justice delivery system of the country is very complicated, tiresome and costly and is far from the reach of the poor and the unprivileged section of the society. Therefore, informal arrangements existing in the society may prove very helpful and often save life and honour of many. In earlier days, there were village or caste heads who would call the important persons of the locality and deliver instant justice in front of the both sides, But such practices were often unfair and used to side with the stronger parties. In fact, such practices are still prevalent in some of the localities where they inflict heavy punishment upon persons seen violating the local systems. On many occasions, such panchayats even take away lives of children in love and wanted to marry inter caste or inter religion. The Government and the Judiciary have been trying their best to prevent such practices but it is not proving deterrent enough to ban such illegal practices altogether.

We were born to this world as a small kid. We were dependent upon our parents and other family members for our survival. It is because of compassion, love and affection shown by them that we could grow and develop into a complete man. By the time we grow and become adult, our parents and relatives become quite old. Now, it is our turn to repay their debt. We can do so by so many ways. Unfortunately, this is not happening and the old parents and other close relatives are left to defend themselves at the fag end of life even when they deserve sympathy and help from their wards. This has led to great social problem. The sense of justice which should have governed our actions is missing. This is happening   not only while dealing with our family but even with the outside world. This has created a vicious circle. We are willingly or unwillingly creating a world around us which is full of hatred, violence and revenge. We must put a halt to this situation, if we have to live in happiness and want our children to inherit a beautiful world full with love and affection.

Everybody small or big has to take decision with regard to his sphere of work. He is an important man for his family because decisions taken by him often decide the future of his family members. Similarly, decisions taken by an officer affects the life of his juniors. It may even bring happiness to his family life or create unwanted problems. A driver takes decisions every moment while driving and a single  wrong decision may create danger for the fellow travelers. Thus, everybody small or big is tasked with the responsibility of taking decisions which should be fare   and just so that persons   living in his proximity lead a happy and prosperous life.

Everybody is imbibed with the sense of justice. Nobody wants to be seen as unfair person. Nevertheless, there is so much violence, hatred and revenge dominating the mankind all over the world. Even democratic countries like US , U.K are not spared. Violence is all pervasive. This is happening mainly because we have become too much self centered. Whereas, we want best of everything, we do not ourselves practice the same in our own lives. If teacher will not teach in the school, the doctor will not treat his patient properly, Officers will not attend to the genuine grievances of the public with fairness, how will  the society progress? Ultimately, everybody suffers in such situations because he cannot live in isolation and have to share the same social situation alongwith others. It is, therefore, essential that we create a situation where   everybody understands and performs his duty honestly and always keeps   public good in mind while dealing with others problems in day to day life.

Everybody   is capable of delivering justice. However, this can happen only when the persons at the grassroot have proper education and have developed sense of compassion  towards one and all . Sense of justice is a God gift. It brings about compassion and kindness in our dealings with others. We become sensitive towards difficulties of others. Only such persons can bring happiness in the lives of others. It brings peace and harmony around us and we feel satisfied with good work done.



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