सोमवार, 12 मई 2014

Final round of election to the sixteenth Lok Sabha

Final round of election to the sixteenth Lok Sabha will be over within a few minutes. The entire country is holding its breath to know the final outcome .These elections  prolonged  for more than a month which should have been minimized to a week or so. The entire country was virtually at standstill during the lengthy election process. In this age of technology the  Election Commission of India must find out ways and means to shorten this period for future elections. In fact, the election system of our country needs lot of improvement to make it truly democratic. The rising election expenditures has made it beyond the reach of a common man. Moreover holding separate elections for LOK SABHA and state assemblies also creates lot of problems including avoidable load on the state exchequer. Elections to the LOK SABHA should be able to give stable and strong government at the centre   who should be able to protect the national sovereignty and should be able to create an atmosphere conducive to development in  the country. If necessary the constitution should be amended to achieve these targets.

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